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As I lay here in my bed with the light shinning bright from my cell phone screen I cannot help but to compare and question our justice system. From a previous post regarding rashad owens I get sick to my soul everytime I think that two people can commit the same crime and get different punishments. Anyone who is following my posts with the sentencing Rashad Owens received its not that he is being punished but that someone else can do the exact thing and be given a less publishable sentence. How is it that Ethan Couch 16 at the time whom was drunk in Fort Worth Texas Plowed over pedestrians killing 4 and injuring others received 10 years probation and a spa like rehab center. But then... We have rashad owens who was intoxicated who plowed through a crowed of people during SXSW injuring 20 and killing 4 one of those 4 whom was on life support and the family decided to pull the plug due to an appeared Diagnosis of brain damage the following day the information was given. Both situations very similar and two very different outcomes.

I sit here and think to myself 12 people decide the fate of one person when going to trial. How is it even remotely fair that 12 individuals can have the say so in the rest of someones life?
All it takes is one person with reasonable doubt to change the rest of someones life and if all 12 are emotionally distraught by a case and make their decisions solely based on emotions how is that fair? Who is to say that jurors dont take it to their grave of their raw intentions to not use facts but pure emotions. Noone will ever know.

Please share and read I am trying to reach out to anyone who feels that capital murder was not a charge rashsd owens should have recieved.



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