Rapper 50 Cent Tweeted Jay-Z Face On Blue Ivy`s Body!

5 years ago

Bring em out! Bring em out! Recently Rapper 50 Cent is stirring up a lot of hater-ade towards Jay-Z. To express his feeling 50 Cent went beyond the limit and publicly tweeted a picture of Blue Ivy`s body with her daddy, Jay-Z face on it.

Not only that, but 50 Cent added comments that were friendly than unfriendly. He first tweeted Yal play to much congratulations to JAYZ and Beyonce BABY BlueIvyCarter IS GEORGOUS,

.... he then tweeted: You bull sh*ting they will pay a million dollars for a picture of that baby lol trust me.

Rumors are being spread that no one knew who Jay-Z were until he married Beyonce Knowles. I find that as a false statement. I`ve been listening to Jay-Z music awhile back and still do from this day on. In my opinion 50 Cent is probably jealous because Jay-Z is getting the attention nowadays.

I remember 50 Cents as a rapper way back in my High School days. Ever since I don`t know what he has been up too! So I find it rude and childish for 50 Cent to do that and especially when you`re in a music industry!

1. What are your thoughts & opinions on this situation?
2. Which rappers do you like better and why?

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