RANT: Discontinued Products -.-

4 years ago

Hey guys,

so, raise your hand if you have ever experienced one of the following scenarios:
1. you have found a drugstore product you really like, went to the store to re-purchase it and it`s
2. you have found a drugstore product you really liked, went to the store to re-purchase it and
spend half an hour on searching for it because the company changed the packaging/ name
3. you have found a drugstore product you really like, went to the store to re-purchase it, actually
BOUGHT it and then found out the changed the formula and the product now really sucks!

Well, the last case just happend to me:
I found this really good shampoo and condition just like two months ago, it was called Repair & Care by Pantene Pro V. Especially the shampoo (I`ve tried it with different conditioners) did wonders to my hair! My hair never looked or felt healthier than with these two products!
I was so happy that I finally found a cheap hair routine that actually made my hair look a lot better than it did before, and how it goes with products you love, I ran out after like two months.
Well, I went back to the drugstore I got them from and saw that they have revamped the packaging (see picture), it actually looked a lot nicer than before and the name and all was still the same.
After a few uses I actually came to the conclusion that they didn`t only change the packaging... they changed the whole product:
The shampoo SUCKS, after using it (and I have tried it with other conditioners too) your hair looks greasy after only a few hours, even if it wasn`t even slightly oily before. So it doesn`t even NOT clean your hair, it must have ingredients in it that make your hair oily faster!
The new conditioner now does NOTHING for my hair (and I have tried it in combination with other shampoos), it`s like you didn`t even use a conditioner!

OMG I was so PISSED! -.-
I even went back to the store to see if the original products are still there, maybe under another name or so, but NOPE, they just seemed to change the formula -.-

UGH, I hate when that happens!!!
So, if your drugstore sell Pantene Pro V DON`T buy the Repair & Care shampoo and conditioner!!!

Anyway, enough with the negativity, I just had to release my anger to people that would understand me! :D

Do you have any other hair care products recommandations for me?
Drugstore please, I`m a broke university student now :D

Also, what is your "Discontinued-products-you-used-to-love" story?

Thank you for reading! <3

More positiv posts will follow of course ;)

*picture is mine

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