RANT About People on luuux

4 years ago

I`ve been post on luuux longer than a lot of people that have been posting & even longer than some of the leaders on this website. It honestly irritates me to no end when the monitors or leaders on the site feel like they can go around messaging people about want they can and cannot post on the site as if we don`t no the rules. Last time I checked I`ve been blogging on this site since 2010 so who are you to tell me what the rules are? when I write my post they are words coming from my own mouth. when I add pictures they are picture that I took with my camera using my editing program so of course I`m going to write at the end of my post that <strong>this picture belongs to me and don`t steal them</strong> them at the end. I put work into my things so I have the right to say no one else can use them. I`ve been add links to my websites and social networks to my page for over a year & luuux has never said that this was cheating especial since without them my post reach 280 character. Honestly I just want to let everyone know that if you aren`t a personal owner or a person that works for luuux then don`t message me about what I can and can not do on here because I actually know the rules and I have never had my post delete due to any of the things that I do considering that I`ve redeem prizes for the post that you consider spam or cheating. -____-

Kisses :-*
-Destiny IrationalKiss

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