Random Target Haul

hi Guys!! :)
So this is Pt. 2 of My Haul from Today :) Target: I went there to purchase items for back to school. How these will fit in my suitcase? The world will NEVER know.
So while in Target, browsing the dollar secton, I saw something I just couldn`t resist. OMG!!! Over the Door Hanger; Turquoise for guess how much? 2.50. yeps 2.50! i knoww that`s not really like a dollar haaul but dollar days are kinda disappearing lol. stores are now called .99 and up. Anyways, I also believe they had this in lime bu I liked this color better. It was actually tough to choose. Unfortunately every up has its downs. this year, I get a baathtub (y), but my room has a smaller closet *aww* It also doesn`t help that I have tons more clothes than last year, but don`t worry, I will make it work, and this will help. This year, I want my room to be comfy; home-y so I`m not all lonely when I`m alone :) I also saw something I just couldn`t resist even if I don`t nee it at all. A portfolio. I`ve never had one of these things and it matched the over door hanger perfectlly. lol. nonsensse, I know.
This actually might come in handy though the idea hadn`t fully registered in my mind at the time. ( II guess my subconscious was shopping for me)
Last year, I got aa couple of deductions for late work, where I had forgotten Homework in my room. One teacher even gave me a behavioural slip although there had been no warnings, or anything. In order to get one of these, you need three arnigns. This was also the first time. I just think she was mad becaause it happened to e that my "friends" forgot their h.w. as well. I asked to retrieve it before class began, but she refused. So I believe in no way was I wrong I was still leectured by the head of whatever he lead whoclaimedd "he didnt wanna lose teaachers" Well do you wana lose students? smh. i dont think i was in the wrong. whatever, we got over that and I grew to love her. lol she became one of my fave teachers. Yeps, so that ass that. i think this will help a lot. As long as I slip my hw. in here after I do it, and go through it each night for papers, etc. so I don`t miss anything. Also if I remember to put it in my bag.. grrr... being a sophmore will take some work. lol every grade takes work :) So that`s that, I have a ccouple more goodies in store; stay tuned

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