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When I`m at school I live at an apartment and don`t have my mom to cook for me :( so...I`ve managed to start cooking for myself :) I`m not incredibly talented in the cooking arena, but I find it fun! and sometimes the things I make turn out halfway decent :D Here are 6 different things that I cooked for myself that I happen to have pictures of ^^

1) (Ddukkbokki):
This is a Korean dish that`s basically rice cakes in a spicy/sweet red pepper paste sauce :D I made it with the ingredients I had in the apartment, so I added fish cakes, onions, scallions, and hot dogs. It can include whatever you want, but commonly people add ramen noodles (to create Ramyun Ddukkokki = Ra-bokki), a full boiled egg, and cabbage. Love it! It`s even better when eaten with Kimbab :D
2-3) a. (Chicken Galbi) & b. Sauceless Sausage & Shrimp Pasta:
a. or Korean marinated chicken is a super yummy dish I recently learned how to make :D It`s basically chicken breast cut up and put in a spicy/sweet pepper paste sauce. Sounds really similar to the dish above lol but it`s a little different :P To mine I added onions, cabbage, potatoes, scallions, & jalapeno peppers :) I just ate it with rice & kimchi and it was good! Proud of myself :]
b. Sauceless Sausage & Shrimp Pasta is what I call the 2nd dish. It doesn`t really have an official name because it`s basically a random recipe I stole from my roommate :P I basically just took Farfalle pasta and added sausage, shrimp, red & green peppers, onions, and olive oil and called it a day :D
4) Deep Fried Shrimp & Chicken Mashed Potato Rolls:
The first is self-explanatory..since it`s just like popcorn shrimp but made with larger shrimp :P The second is a little bit harder and requires a little more work~ It`s basically a chicken breast that`s thinned out and then filled with mashed potatoes, red&green peppers, onions, and mozzarella cheese, then deep fried! It`s really good :D Both of these I ate with rice, ketchup, and kimchi and it was yummy ^^
5) Shin Ramyun with extra additions:
This doesn`t really count as cooking cooking (lol) but it`s still good and requires more work than a regular ramen :P It`s basically just the spicy Korean ramem with tofu, spam, and scallions added :D Super unhealthy, but yummy goodness!
6) Sauceless Chicken Pasta:
This is a healthy pasta that I make a lot because it`s easy & relatively quick~ It`s just Farfalle pasta with seasonsed chicken, onions, peas, oregano, and olive oil :) If you haven`t tried sauceless pasta, you should! It`s a lot more delicious than you might think :D and usually a lot less fattening!


That`s it! Hope you enjoyed reading/viewing! I`m no chef, but I try :P If you have any questions/comments for me, leave them down below!
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