Random Beauty Tips!

1. Need help keeping boby pins in one place? Use an old lipstick container to hold them!
2. Perfume scent rises, so spraying on your knees or lower helps it to last longer.
3. Second day hair? No prob. Baby powder or bronzer on your scalp can take out those extra oils.
4. Traveling with jewelry? How about using a plastic Easter egg to keep earing studs in!
5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil can double as a gentle eye makeup remover.
6. An empty pringles can keep your eye makeup brushes safe while traveling.
7. Take an old Altoids mint container and hot glue a mirror on the inside lid. Then keep your lip products like chap stick, lipsticks, or lip glosses inside. This keeps them easy to find, apply neatly, and unclutter your purse!
8. If your dark hair dye ended up being to dark, pour a can of diet coke (only diet coke) over your hair and it lightens and even removes some of the dye.
9. To lighten dark underarms, elbows, or knees, rub half a lemon on for 2 minutes.
10. To whiten teeth, dip a toothbrush in smushed strawberries and brush like normal.
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