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something that i never really understood about luuux is how they afford to keep this site running as a free service, and be able to give people macbooks, cameras, designer clothes etc. also i doubt the intentions of the comments on my content, i know why people are commenting of course, they want to earn money and get things for themselves, argueably the best thing to do, right?
i found out that instead of saving up to get yourself something, you can donate it to charity through this, lets turn this into money, lets say you put a post a day, thats £7 a day (yes im from england) if you do that everyday for a year, thats a lot of money you could be donating, dont you think thats more worth while than a new macbook? i dont know....
thats what i have been doing, all of this designer things you can get on the store have never really interested me, i am happy with the material things i have in my life, yes i dont have a macbook, fancy cameras or designer clothes, but i know i have a lot more than the people that i donate to.
none of your money is going towards this, i know moneys tight so why not make the most of having this platform where you can help people, in an easy way.
sorry this is not beauty or health related, as this `universe` is supposed to be, i hope you read this all, and maybe think about the 100000 luuux bux you could spend on a new designer shirt, and maybe put a bit, or all of that to a charity?

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