Ran Out of Nail Polish Remover? No Problemo (:

6 years ago

So you`re in desperate need of nail polish remover but you don`t have any...
Quick solution? Well firstly you`ll need;
-some clear nail polish such as a top coat ( I just use my Cutex nail strengthener- works just as great)
- cotton balls
- and uh elbow grease? maybe?
So what you want to do is paint on the top coat or whatever clear polish you`re using normally and just use the cotton ball and rub away! It`s as simple as that. Of course this method may take a while but it`s all in the muscle...? lol
Also, say you were wearing a bright red or black, your nails may look a bit stained afterwards- this is just from experience but it may not happen to you :) but no worries it won`t be like that forever

- once the clear polish is on, quickly rub it otherwise you`re going to get cotton fluff on your nails
- obviously if it didn`t completely take it off the first time, keep applying more and rubbing until its gone.
- it can take longer depending on the nail varnish you`re taking off i.e how many coats you had put on

Hope this helped some of you

- I ran out of nail polish remover and typed in DIY nail polish remover and learnt this trick off of the vogue forums
-one of the images were from google; the others were taken by me on my macbook or iphone

Source link: http://forums.vogue.com.au/showthread.php?t=8672

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