Ramos Alarm Clock - Never Sleep In Again

4 years ago

I have issues getting up in the morning and honestly I press my snooze button 2-3 times in the morning. If you had the Ramos Alarm Clock that would be a different story. The Ramos Alarm Clock is set like a regular alarm clock, but there`s no button to turn the alarm off. You have to physically get up and enter a a code into it`s wireless control panel which you`ll probably have set a little ways away so you have to get up and enter in the diffuse code to shut it off. Pulling the plug on the alarm won`t work as it has a battery in it too. The Ramos Alarm Clock by Paul Sammut is still an ongoing project, and they need to raise $75000 through Kickstarter to get the idea off the ground. You can pledge $160 for the LED Ramos, $350 for the Nixie Ramos. With an $800 pledge, you get to customize your Ramos by choosing the type of wood, the inscription, and have control over the final look.

What sort of alarm clock do you have?
Or do you rely on your phone`s alarm to wake you in the morning?

Source link: http://www.gizmodiva.com/home_gadgets/the-ramos-alarm-clock-by-paul-sammut-you%E2%80%99ll-never-oversleep-again.php

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