Ramen! Oishii!

4 years ago

On Wednesday, I went out with some friends to a Japanese cafe called Temari. I love this place because the atmosphere is so authentic! When you walk in, they greet you in Japanese! And they have shelves full of manga and Japanese novels. Even though I can`t read any of them and can only say a few phrases in Japanese, I love that touch of culture. Not to mention, the portions are MORE than generous.

On Wednesday, I was really craving some good ramen. Not those instant ones, but a good, hot bowl of Japanese ramen. I ordered the Tonkatsu Ramen.

Overall it was really good. I love the soup and the little naruto fish cake and the slices of meat. Their portions are so ample and generous. It`s AWESOME.

The only thing I didn`t like was those red things they put in my ramen! I don`t know what they are but they are just AWFUL. They`re bitter! They ruined the awesomeness ramen. LOL

In addition to the bowl of ramen, I ate about half of my friend`s GIANT plate of curry rice, and some of my other friend`s tonkatsu. Then we each ordered 2 mochi ice creams. Now that I`m recapping all this in writing, I feel like such a fatty. -_____-;; *siiiiighhh*

Anywayyyy.... Everything was SOOO DELICIOUS!!!! =) I just wish it was closer to home so I can go eat there more often.

Picture is mine. No stealing! >=0

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