RAMEN for Lunch April 5, 2012

5 years ago

Hey guys ! So, since Im on break, I am spending most of my time at home and relaxing.... and on LUUUX. lol. Anyways, for lunch today, I had Bowl Noodle Soup in Chicken Flavor. Normally I haaaate chicken flavor ramen, but the one we normally get is Maruchan ? I forget the name, the one you can get at Walmart for like 30 cents. Well, a while back, at Costco, like one of my favorite stores to be in, they had this on sale. So we bought alot of this. But thats besides the point. This stuff is reaally good. I like my ramen RIGHT before its fully cooked. Am I the only one ?

Thanks for reading ! and my pictures so please do not use (:

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