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There`s a popular place called Ajisen that sells Ramen across Toronto and Asia.

Though not authentic ramen, they aren`t too bad.

Most of their ramen is more tailored for the Chinese taste buds as the noodles they use are more like the Chinese noodles we eat rather than ramen and everything is seasoned heavily with garlic.

This was my ramen, a Miso Ramen with BBQ pork pieces. My favorite part of the ramen was actually the marinated egg. I`ve tried multiple times to make it and was never successful. I usually save the egg for last because it just tastes so great!

The soup base was very salty but the noodles were bland so that was a really good combination. It was very greasy though and they gave you large portions so I was only able to finish half the noodles.

Back in high school, I used to work at a bubble tea and ramen place and I knew the chefs very well there. The most expensive part of the ramen is actually the soup base, it takes the most ingredients and most effort to make =)

What do you guys think?

*photo is mine*


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