Ramen !!!

ahhh the things you can do with ramen !!! a little background - I was bored, surfing netflix and I found this movie with Brittany Murphy called "The Ramen Girl", hmmm .... so I watched it because you know, I was bored lol so basically she gets stranded in Tokyo and decides she wants to become a ramen chef. I was very surprised to know what goes into a good ramen, the point is all through the movie people are slurping their broth and sucking up their noodles and it just looked so freaking good !!! I showed my hubs and of course, now we wanted some.

I totally cheated, I admit it, I went and got some of those uber cheap, totally processed, bad for you ramen packets BUT I did add some good stuff to it. what you see is this:

Beef Ramen
Fresh Avocado
Fresh Spinach
A slice of sauteed Turkey Ham
Lemon juice

I had never thought to put ham in my soup like that but they had a thick cut of some kind of pork in theirs in the movie, this was as close as I could get. my husband added two poached eggs to his, for me that would have been a bit too much LOL

Yes, I know, nothing like the classic stuff, the amazing soups you can only get in solid Japanese restaurants, but hey in a pinch, this was amazing !!!

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