Raman + Bacon

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

It was late, and we were watching adult movies.. HAAHHHAHA jokes, by adult movies i mean action packed movies like guns and fighting. With two boys, i stop my husband from watching any of that in front of them, we even had to stop playing violent video games sadly - which was the hardest to give up. But to me, it`s worth it, in the world today, i want two less aggressive boys.

So yea, we were watching our movies whilst the kids slept and i felt hungry - hubby got up and made me instant noddles straight away. how sweet... not only did he do that, but he added bacon. At first i was really really upset because he KNOWS i HATE aything added into my noddles except for mushrooms and fish balls.

But i wasn`t disapointed at all. he actually pan fried the bacon first, then added it into the noddles (yes to me, that`s a lot of effort to put into "INSTANT" noddles lol) but that gave it really really good smokey taste to the noddles.. wow my english doesn`t even make sense in this paragraph lol

anyways, i really liked it, if you guys have a chance, try it.
btw, it was a chilly korean instant pack, so maybe that wil help if you want to try?

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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