Rainbow Eye Tutorial

5 years ago

Hello everyone, this is one of my favorite eye looks. i mean what is more fun than a rainbow..right? Well today i am going to tell you how I achieved this look. The eyeshadow i used is from my Shany 120 pallette. And ti have another post before this one that is my review of the Shany 120 pallette. Well lets get started. Shall we?
1.) Okay first thing i do is put an eye primer on which with help the eyeshadow stay on longer and not crease.
2.) Next I use a white eyeliner pencil and go over my whole eyelid. This is going to make the colors of the rainbow brights and stand out.
3.) After the white eyeliner I take a small brush and use red. I put the red on the inner fifth of my eye and blend it out a little.
4.) Next I use the same brush and use a little orange and put it right next to the red. Then i blend that in.
5.) After wipping the brush off I took some yellow and put it on top of the orange and blended it into the red and orange.
6.) Using a slightly bigger brush I take green and put the green right next to the yellow blending it into the yellow.
7.) My seventh step is to take blue and put it on top of the green blending it into the yellow and outward.
8.) At the very outside my you i take purple using my first brush and blend it in with the blue.
9.) After all the colors are their you want to make sure allhe colors are blended together so it looks like they are flowing from one color to another.
10.) The final step is to apply eyeliner to the top and bottom of your lid and apply a decent coat of mascara.
****i hope you guys like my look and my tutorial******

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