Radish Kimchi

I made radish kimchi this afternoon because we`re almost out of it, and stores will be closed tomorrow for Christmas. We eat kimchi regularly and the time to make and ferment is time consuming, especially with large batches, so sometimes we`ll just buy from the store. But radish kimchi is about $6 for a small container that lasts us less than a week so the cost adds up. The ingredients used to make our own filled two large containers for less than $4 and will last weeks.

- Korean radish
- red pepper powder
- green onion
- garlic
- ginger
- fish sauce
- salt
- sugar

I used the entire radish so my measurements for ingredients will be different from those making less. Start with less and adjust according to your preference because it`s easier to add than take away. First I sliced, peeled, washed, and cut the radish into cubes. Then I added two tablespoons of salt and sugar and mixed . Every ten minutes I would mix the bowl of radish with salt and sugar so I repeated the steps three times. I minced garlic and ginger and chopped the green onion while I waited. Then I drained the water and added the garlic, ginger, green onion, red pepper powder, and fish sauce and combined. Lastly I transferred them into containers, closed the lids, and left them out in room temperature to ferment for at least a day. This is my favourite kind of kimchi so I can`t wait until they`re ready to eat.

All photos are my own.

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