QuotX-rayquot feature coming for new Amazon tablets!

4 years ago

news form source link below. Picture from http://cdn-static.zdnet.com/i/story/70/00/003915/kindle-fire-hd-600.jpg

Here`s a nice feature coming for all the new Amazon tablets from now on! It`s called "X-Ray". No it`s doesn`t allow you to see through that hot chick`s cloths! Its a feature that allows you to look up data on a movie or book that you are watching or reading! During a movie you can tap on and actor`s face and the tablet will bring up information about the actor and the roll he or she played in their movie and in other movies! For books it allows you to tap on the names of characters or of places to bring up information about their role in the book or about the place`s information in the book! It also allows you to look up more information about the actor, book, character, or place on youtube if there are any videos that describe them!

THIS IS HUGE! There have been several times where I`m watching a movie and forget about another movie that a certain actor/actress had played in before. With this feature i could look it up in no time!

Source link: http://news.yahoo.com/x-ray-other-features-amazon-gadgets-222016047--finance.html?_esi=1

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