QuotThey get beated up amp they love it!quot

5 years ago

When I was 14 years old, they took a physcologist to school talking about domestic violence, school wanted to alarm us for this subject before we got into relationships, which for some girls was too late then!
Anyway, we talked to a teacher about that, it was and stil is one of my favorite teachers, and we we`re saying "poor women that get beatedf" and she said: "they get beated up and they love it!"... At the time we all thought "harsh", that surprised me, that sentence seemed something really close to heartless, but now with 17 years old and after reading all this articles about Rihanna and chris brown, I remembered that sentence again and reflected on it...

I realized that there is a big portion of truth on her sentence... I believe it mustn`t be easy to be a victim of domestic violence, but there`s so many campaigns for that, there`s so many organizations women/men can call, explain the situation, and the police will take them out of house, move them to a new house and take their things later and obviously find the person who beated them up... So why do people are victims of domestic violence for years... Their partener (if a married couple), leaves the house...

I think forgiveness is good, hard but good... You can only move on after forgiving the person who hurted you, but on Rihanna`s case... Is she being tohughtful? I don`t give a damn about her life, especially not being her fan, but she has so many girls, young girls looking up to her is this a good example???

They are so close as friend, as couple it doens`t matter... After getting, not a slap but horribly beated up, she did a song with him and is all smiles to him... How does she wants to be taken serious doing this??... I just can`t help to think that my teacher was right! If he beats you once, he`s gonna beat you twice!

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