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5 years ago

The Walking Dead finale just premiered here and i have to say this is one of the best episodes in some time. Don`t get me wrong,i have been a fan and enjoyed all episodes but some are more exciting and nerve wrecking than others and this one left me really nervous, especially in the first half.

<strong>Attention, it might get some spoilers or parts that can make you predict the ending, don`t read if you don`t want to get a bit of the sense of what you can expect</strong>

With the farm gone, they are looking for a new place to settle and the image they show at the end, even though i couldn`t quite figure out it is, it seems like it will be the next place they will explore.
I was surprised at how Rick is turning out, he changed completely and at first i thought he was just having a melt down because of what was going on and being responsible for so many people but now im thinking he went really crazy.

Im very intrigued by the new character, the one in picture, they definitely made him/her ( which is believed to be a her called Michonne, from the books) look bad ass with that entrance. When the walker first died i thought it was someone from other group but then the mask wasn`t taken off. I still think its a group and that Andrea is going to join them and not really going to try to help the others since they left her behind.
The Andrea situation made Shanes her conversations with Shane believable and that she really was somehow isolated by the group and that shows because they didn`t really tried to hard to get her and help her when she always helped the others.

<strong>Spoilers over, you can read now lol</strong>Overall it was a great finale for the show and i can`t wait for next season to start, they left a lot of questions opened for the new season.

<strong>Are you a TWD fan?
Did you watch the finale? What did you thought of it?</strong>

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