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5 years ago

This is one of the first Jim Carrey`s movies that I`ve seen that actually made me gain some respect for him as an actor, since after seeing other movies like "The Cable Man" or "The Fly" or "The Mask" I had a really bad impression about him.
This movie has a great story, It is the first movie that I can remember that actually took the reality show theme and took it to an extreme situation.

This movie tells us the story of a man called Truman that had a normal life, with a wife, friends, neighbors, a job, a boss... Just like any normal person... But certain day he starts to notice that strange things were happening to him... Like a spotlight, like the ones from television studios, that fell from the sky and hit his car... He started to join the pieces and noticed that after all, his life was just a reality show and everything around him was planned with actors and scenarios. He starts to think on a plan to get out of that place and try to find a real normal life, but it isn`t easy, since all the cameras are after him, controlling all his moves. But will he manage to escape? Just watch the movie if you want to know xD

I liked this movie, I liked the all concept of the movie and I think that for some time after watching this movie, I was a bit paranoid about this idea that my life was not real xD

I give it an 8 out of 10.

Do you know this movie? What do you think about it? Which Jim Carrey`s movie is your favorite?

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