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5 years ago

Normally, I`m not that much of a fan of sci-fi movies... I don`t like to watch a movie that really exaggerates an idea at maximum, beyond the reasonable imaginary... (And yes, I know that a movie is just drama, imagination and that kind of stuff, but you know what I mean.lol) so I didn`t know what to expect when I was about to watch this movie.

I`ve watched it a long time ago, I`ll try to remember all the important things about it.

It tells the story of a man that is a candidate for a US Senator post and a woman that is contemporary dancer. They meet each other by accident on a men public bathroom and they automatically feel something special about each other. So, they trade information to keep contact... But they never meet each other again, just like if someone or something was really try to keep them separate... One day, that man passes by the woman on the street and he does everything to go and talk with her, but that`s when he discovers that a strange group of men is really making the effort to avoid that they can even talk again.
So, the rest of the movie is the story of the couple trying to do everything to stay together, and the group of men trying to keep them apart because it is not their destiny to be together.

A lot of things happen until the end, but you really need to watch the movie if you want to know more details.

Like I told you, this is not my favorite kind of movie, but this one also evolves a lot of drama and suspense, so I liked it a lot.

I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Do you know this movie? Have you watched it? Do you agree with my review?

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