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Hey guys. So That`s My Boy is an Adam Sandler movie. It`s about a boy (Donny Berger, played by Sandler) who had a crush on his teacher and things went too far. The lovers are caught in the act at Donny`s school. Charges are of coursed raised. Donny is underage so his dad will have to take care of his baby until he is of legal age to care for him on his own. About 30 years pass by and now Donny is all grown up, he is still a mess. He`s a drunk who owes the IRS 49 grand. He has no way of getting that money and is told to get the money or go to prison. While at the strip club Donny reads a news article announcing the wedding of Tod, his son. Tod is living the good life and is about to marry a rich girl, he has money himself. Donny then goes out looking for his son to ask him to lend him the money. Things get crazy once Donny and Tod reunite. After a big argument, Tod tells his dad to get lost. Donny catches Tod`s fiance being sneaky and cheating on him with his boss and her brother!!! Ewww! So she signs a check in exchange for Donny to shut his mouth. At the wedding Donny shows up and tells Tod to not marry her. Tod asks for an explanation and Donny rips up the check, tells her to tell Tod the truth or he would in front of all her guest, including her parents. Tod doesn`t go through with the wedding and they go hang out with Vanilla Ice at the strip club. The ending of the movie is a fat guy finishing a race which Donny put money on. The grand price was what he owed (or a little more I can`t remember). The movie ends with a picture of them all celebrating. I found this movie to be very funny! Sandler is one, in my opinion, of the many great comedians out there and I absolutely love his movies. One thing I did not like about this movie was Donny`s voice. It was annoying but I kind of got used to it as the movie played. This movie is definitely not good to watch around children! People who don`t like foul language should most definitely not watch this movie either. But if you like Sandler and his movies then you should give this movie a try.

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