QuotLash blastquot v.s quotOne by onequot !! Who will win?

Lash blast v.s one bye one ! Hi everyone! im going to do a review on these two products and tell you wich one is better in my opinion. Every one has their opinion so feel free to tell me your thoughts on these two mascaras :)

Lash blast (covergirl) Not waterproof.
Lash blast comes in Orange, purple, Pink and now black. The prices range because they all claim to do different stuff but in reality i see no difference when i have tried most of them. This mascara is one of the most amazing mascaras i have ever tried and seems to be very popular among my friends too. It not only separates my eyelashes really perfectly ( never any clumps ! ) but it comes off really easily too when i wash my face. I Don`t get the water proof one because i feel the normal one doesn`t smear at all. The only think i dislike is the wand is pretty big so it`s hard to reach my little lashes and coat my bottom lashes. But what i love is you can add many layers to your lashes to get thicker and longer lashes. I also find it at a great price.

$6.94 at walmart.

One bye one ( maybelline): Not water proof
I recently tried "one bye one" mascara and found out its much like lash blast. But this mascara`s has a way different smell to it The wand is a lot like lash blast but yet little diferent shape. This mascara does separate my lashes since it gets little product on the brush so no clumps. It also lengthens my eyelashes to a whole new level. Since the wand is a pretty good small size i can reach into the small lashes. It`s also very easy for me to take it off when i wash my face. I did like this product and would buy it agian and this product is also at a low price at Walmart for $5.94, even cheaper than lash blast.

Who`s the winner??

In my opinion LASH BLAST !

Although "one by one" is a very good mascara to separate your lashes with, it doesn`t separate them quite like lash blast. I feel like Lash Blast gives me more volume and thickness to my eyelashes. But these two mascaras together work wonders !

Remember this is just my opinion. :)

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