QuotKnocked Upquot Movie Review

5 years ago

Sometimes it is nice to watch simple movies, like some comedies, to just get out of our head for some minutes... At least this is what I like to do when I`m feeling bored or depressed... Nothing that a good comedy can`t fix. So, the other day, I was on my life on unemployed person, bored like I never was and I decided to watch this movie. It is not new, it is from 2007, so I had it around to watch it since a long, long time ago and I finally decided to watch it.

It tells the story of two completely different persons: a woman that is obsessed with her career and just lives to work, and a man that lives on a house with a group of other men and the high point of his day is when he wins a game on the video console. So, at first, nobody would imagine that they could possibly even talk with each other, but that happened one night, when they where both drunk. They decided to go home together and we all know how that ends.
The big thing happened 8 weeks after, when she calls him saying that she is pregnant. So their mission is to learn how to be together and how to raise a child.

This movie is not the greatest movie that I`ve ever seen, but it has a lot of cool and funny moments, specially when the group of men decides to appear.

I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Do you know this movie? What do you think about it? Do you agree with my review?

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