QuotIt would take a psychiatrist to talk to Balotelli every dayquot - Mancini

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The manager of Manchester City Mario Balotelli believes one of the best players in Europe and is said to aid the controversial forward to give the career track.

"If there is one of the best players in Europe is through their own fault because it has everything to be. Do not want to see him wasting his talent, "said Roberto Mancini, lamenting some criticism of his own teammates and stating its willingness to help the Italian.

"It`s my job and I must help him, but players should not say negative things about it because they are teammates. They say what they think face to face. I am also disappointed with it but want to help you because that`s my job ", he said, acknowledging that it is not always easy:

"I told him that if he had played with me ten years ago, gave him a punch in the head. It would take a psychiatrist to talk to him every day. "

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Source link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/nov/27/roberto-mancini-liverpool-mario-balotelli

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