QuotIPadquot could be synonymous with tablet

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The word iPad, this time recorded by the Apple brand for your tablet, you may soon turn out to be synonymous with description and tablet.

This is the forecast of Josh David, manager of the company Abt Electronics, a report published by the Associated Press. Josh says that "the idea of a tablet is actually connected to iPhone", which can make the word means the same as iPad tablet.

We see this situation on several things, like the Gillettes, that although we use this term for all razors, a trademark that is now being utilized. Another situation is that we can see this on the internet, when we want to search, say "Google" in the U.S. uses much the phrase "Google it" to search.

But it is nothing new for Apple to spend their ideas to be used, if the iPod is another situation, which although not widely used in Portugal, the AP indicates that the U.S. is a word that is used for the reader mp3.

It is true that whenever we talk about tablet, iPad is the word that comes to mind, however, confirm that only the future will be synonymous with the same tablet.

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