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Instagram is really popular but I haven`t hopped on the bandwagon yet. (I do have an account and all though, lol). The cool feature about Instagram is the ability to change the filters to make your original photo more enhanced and pretty.

With Instagram, you`re snapping a photo then editing it but what if you were able to capture what you see through the lens of your eyes? The closest thing to our eyes would be wearing sunglasses, you`d be able to capture a different view then what you do with your phone camera.

Too bad this is just a concept though but who knows this project might be a couple years down the line. Sort of like the Google`s concept with the augmented reality glasses "Project Glass".

The concept behind <strong>Instaglasses</strong> is that the glasses will be able to capture photos, wi-fi equipped as well as 3G and store 2GB of photos from the 5 MP camera via lenses.

<strong>What do you think of the concept of Instaglasses?</strong> I think it`d be cool because you`re capturing what you see through your eyes! I think sunglasses that can capture photos (also not bulky) will be our "future" sunglasses especially since technology is advancing. <strong>Have you jumped on the bandwagon with Instagram?</strong> I have not yet - I do have an application and username set up though.

Photo via http://dvice.com/archives/2012/06/instagram-camer.php

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