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5 years ago

Over the weekend I stayed over my friend`s house and we decided to watch "In Time" which was released in theaters late October. I love how you can just get a movie from Redbox for a $1, instead of paying $10 for the ticket.

It`s a futuristic movie where people have clocks on their hand and they are given 26 years to live. The good thing that they stop aging at 25 so everyone looks young and amazing. Bad thing is that their time is like their currency. You pay with time, you get a paycheck with time. Rich people can live forever and the poor are trying to survive. Once the time runs out, your heart automatically stops. Justin Timberlake is playing Will Salas who is a poor boy who finds himself having more than 100 years as a gift, causing him trouble.

This is a Action/Sci-Fi movie which overall got a rating of 6.5/10 and I think that that`s pretty accurate from what I watched. Nothing personal, but I think Justin Timberlake is a <strong>horrible</strong> actor! I mean, come on, I think my grandma can act better than he can!!

Overall the movie was pretty good, but I do think that they could have came up with a better ending, on my opinion it was a little silly.

<strong>Have you watched In Time? What were yout thoughts?</strong>

Love, Ella




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