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It was in 2004 that what was going to be one of the top rated tv shows started and ended last this month with its last episode on season 8, the last of the show.

The finale aired yesterday here and i have to say i was a little sad because it ended. I was a big fan of the show until i started to find it repetitive in the middle of season 6 and didn`t really watch season 7, but all the previous ones and season 8 i followed and really enjoyed but its a show that i remember from my teen years until now and it made me realize the amount of crazy diseases out there.

(Spoilers of the show ahead)
I have mix feeling about the ending. I had no idea what they would do for the final episode but they made a good decision on showing us House`s mind one last time and gave us a lot of anxiety with the fire scene that takes pretty much the whole episode. But the actual ending i wasn`t very happy with because we don`t really know what is next for House and Wilson.
We get closer for pretty much all characters and how they go on with lifes but House and Wilson we don`t, all we know is that they go explore the world but we don`t know if House will really be arrested ever, what he would do now that he is "dead", will Wilson really die. It leaves a lot of questions that part but i have read that the writers wanted that, wanted the fans to see House and Wilson go away enjoying life and doing whatever.

Overall, even though i would like to have "closure" for all characters, i still liked the show and the finale. It was a great show that a lot of people will always remember.

<strong>Did you watched House?
What about the finale? What are your thoughts on it?</strong>

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