QuotHomelandquot Season Finale - A Good Way To End 1st Season!

5 years ago

Yesterday it was the season finale of the TV Show "Homeland". I posted before when it first started how I really enjoyed the first episodes and ever since i have been following the show and its 12.5 episodes.
Like i mentioned, yesterday it was the finale and episode 12 was actually a hours and 30m episode and that left a lot of questions opened.

<strong>Spoilers ahead</strong>
You get to witness Carrie bipolar episode and meltdown in more detail and how she is still obsessed with Brody and that he is the terrorist, trying to do everything she cans to stop him but nobody seems to believe her.
The main part of the episode, the bomb part, didn`t go as first thought and since Brody doesn`t die it leaves room for more devolopement in season 2, which i hope it will happen.
I have read a part of threads on the imdb board of the show and from the titles it seems that a lot of people were dissapointed with how the ended season 1 but i actually thought it was very good and even though the fact that she solved the "mistery" right before she gets shock therapy and probably forgets is not the happiest ending, it leaves room for the next season and for the writters to explore the story.

I really liked the show and i can`t wait until it gets back for season 2!

<strong>Did you watched Homeland? What do you thought of it and the finale?</strong>

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Source link: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/inside-homeland-terrorism-tale-turned-tv-triumph/story?id=14821887

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