QuotGreen Street Hooligansquot Movie Review

5 years ago

As I previously said, my favorite movies are the ones that depict real situations. And this is one of those movies...

Until few years ago, England had serious problems with lots of cases of football (soccer, not American football) violence. There where lots of gangs, normally each gang was constituted by fans of certain club and each club normally had a group of these violent fans. Those persons that constituted those violent groups are denominated "Hooligans".

So this movie tells the story of a young American boy (Matt) that for an unfair reason was forced to go to England, where his sister lives with her husband. Because Matt was on a new environment without knowing any place or anyone, his brother in law asked his brother (Peter) to show him some places where he could go... So they went to a pub, where the gang used to meet. When the two men where going home, they where attacked by a rival gang... Obviously, they took a beating (because they`re only two, against a numerous gang), but Peter discovered that Matt was a guy that he could trust. They begin to build a strong friendship and Matt begins to be considered a part of Peter`s hooligan gang. But things not always went fine for them and the movie ends on a surprising way.

During the whole movie there are lot of fights, lots of drama and a little bit of soccer... So, if you like these three things, this movie is perfect for you. It is a very real, very raw and extremely cool movie and I truly recommend it.

I give it an 8.5 out of 10.

And you? Do you know this movie? What do you think about it? Do you know what an hooligan is?

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