QuotGlove Onequot Futuristic Cell Phone

The "Glove One" futuristic Cell Phone was designed by Bryan Cera. He took apart a smart phone and designed the phone into a glove that you can wear on your hand. Why? He predicts this is how future phones will look like and believes our phones will be integrated to our body (maybe hands) for a easy way of using our phone? I don`t quite agree because how will you see the screen and browse the Internet? Technology such as the Internet is a huge MUST in this world and I don`t see that happening with the Glove. Either way, it is pretty impressive that he designed this phone and it is functional-able too! Also according to the comment on that website a DIY tutorial on this is coming soon.. LOL.

<strong>Do you think this will be the futuristic cell phone? If the DIY tutorial on how to make this phone comes out -- Will you be making one?</strong> I think it`s too bulky but something you would see in movies though. And if this DIY tutorial came out, no thank you!

Source link: http://blog.ponoko.com/2012/05/03/glove-mobile-phone/

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