QuotGelly Sandwichquot - Gel Manicure Technique Part 1 of 2

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** see my other post for the photo of the supplies you will need **

Gelly Sandwich

- using all gel products & using the gel process, but with regular polish -

Start with freshly manicured nails, cuticles pushed back and removed, using your preferred routine, making sure no polish or residue remains from previous polishes.

Step 1

Buff the surface of your nail briefly, so that your nail loses any natural shine it may have had. This just roughs up the surface to let the first coat adhere more easily to the nail for a better base. Apply the gel bonder of choice, I am using NaiLuvs Bonder. Be careful now and through out the process, to not get ANY on your cuticle, or the skin around your nail. Keep an orange stick or something similar near by to quickly wipe if off your skin.

Step 2

Cure in your UV or LED light of choice, mine is NaiLuv. My bottle of bonder says let cure in your LED light for 30 seconds (be careful, times vary with UV vs. LED). As you can see I am only doing my four fingers - I find it easier to paint the first four & cure, paint the other four & cure, and then paint & cure each thumb.

Repeat Step 1 with the your Gel Base Coat of choice. Mine is NaiLuv Base/Top Coat. Still, be careful not to get any on your cuticles.

Repeat Step 2 following the length of time noted on your gel base bottle. Mine says let cure for 30 seconds in LED light (be careful, times vary with UV vs. LED).

Step 3

Apply your polish brand and color of choice. I chose China Glaze - Temptation Carnation because I wanted a soft pinky pearly color and Ive never tried this color before. Apply as many coats as you want to acheive your desired opacity, however, it is VERY important to let each and every layer dry completely. I noticed that regular polish on top of cured base coat dries much quicker than usual.

Step 4

After making sure your coat(s) of regular polish are completely dry, apply a coat of your gel top coat of choice. Mine is (can you guess?) NaiLuv Base/Top Coat. Not all brands have a dual base/top such as mine, so make sure to use the correct one at the appropriate time. Make sure this coat is smooth, if you leave a ridge, it will cure and harden like that. Now, most importantly, dont get any on your cuticles. Run the brush width wise along the edge of your nail to seal in your nail in the top coat for curing.

Step 5

Let the top coat cure in your light according to the times as directed on your bottle. Mine says 30 seconds for LED light. I actually left mine in for more like 45 seconds for peace of mind I suppose, I cant say whether it helped or not. You can see in this photo as well that I cure the four fingers of each hand first, and then my thumbs.

Step 6

Your nails will be tacky after curing, but this is quickly removed - with some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel (DONT use cotton balls or fluffy things - the fibers can get caught in the polish and youll never get them out). If you feel like a fancy pants, there are specific nail wipes at Sallys that are in between a paper towel and a cotton ball, but its a few bucks for not that many so youd go through them quick. Paper towels work just fine - just swipe the rubbing alcohol over each nail until the tacky feeling is gone. It will be be dry, hard, and smooth right away! If youre like me, a perfect polish never last more than a few hours before I get a ding, and if they do, the sheets ruin them that night :P


I purchased the NaiLuv kit on http://HauteLook.com for about $40 http://instagram.com/p/PfkYrShSBO/ . This was my first go - I am really excited to try a new, bolder color than this one, and Im looking forward to trying to whole routing using a gel polish, so all gel products, instead of mixing with a regular ol polish. The NaiLuv polish I got with my kit was too orangy (you never really can tell on a computer screen vs. real life :/ ) so that is why I didnt use it, and I dont own any other gel polishes since this was my first time using these gel products, so I chose a regular polish that I owned, but for some reason, had not tried yet.

Dont forget, apply some cuticle oil to thank your cuticles for putting up with you - plus, the Beauty Secret oil I have smells so good !

Removal tutorial coming soon!


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