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4 years ago

Hi everyone,

I wanted to make a quick post about a nail technique I learned about a week ago called "Dry Marble Nails". I think there is another technique by this name, so I don`t really know what to call this. The other technique involves water like a regular marble nail, but you don`t put your hand in the water. If anyone has a better name for this technique, please feel free to share below!

<b><strong>How to get this look:</strong></b>

1.) Paint your nails with a base coat of your choice. Paint one thin layer and then immediately after paint another coat slightly thicker.

2.) Take another colour (you can use one...or if you are daring and creative, you can experiment with more than one) and drop some dots of this colour onto your nail.

3.) Take a think brush (you can also use a toothpick or a dotting tool..even a bobby pin! Anything really that works) and begin to swirl this colour into your base coat. You can make any design you want. I just swirled to mimic the effects of water marble nails!

This technique is dry, mess free (well it`s less messy than water marble nails), and is SUPER QUICK! I recommend you all try it out, experiment with it and just have fun!

<b><strong>Do you like this technique? Would you try it out?</strong></b>

<b><strong>Image belongs to me</strong></b>

Have a great day!


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