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5 years ago

There are awesome places to visit all around the world... Lots of interesting places where you can have fun, relax, learn... Just everything you want to... But what about a city dedicated to the dead? It may sound creepy and scary, but as you can see on the images above, it is actually a beautiful place, in the middle of the mountains, in Oss├ętia, in Russia.

And why is it called that way? Well, first of all, it is really hard to get to that city... All the accesses are roads on a very bad state of conservation, so a lot of people actually died, trying to get there... But the main reason for it to be called that way, is because the whole city is nothing more than just a big cemetery.

Those white constructions that you see on the photos are actually tombs where bodies of entire families are deposited on. The bigger the buildings are, the more bodies they have inside.

So, it definitely is a great scenario... I`m a big appreciator of that kind of mountain scenarios with green fields everywhere. But there are two reasons why I would never visit that city: one- I don`t want to die while I`m trying to get there,
two- I don`t deal very well with abandoned/phantasmagorical cities or buildings.

And you? Would you like to visit this city? Would you risk your life to do it? Have you ever visited an abandoned village?

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Source link: http://hypescience.com/russia-dargavs-a-cidade-dos-mortos/

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