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5 years ago

If you watched the finale of Pretty Little Liars, here`s what we know...or don`t know...

<strong>MONA IS IN THE A-TEAM</strong>
Yes, Mona has been revealed to be in a TEAM of people who are "A". BUT there is a leader.

<strong>AND THE LEADER IS...</strong>
NOT THE BLACK SWAN (read why below)

The blonde in the red dress and gold mask at the masquerade ball. The director`s obviously put emphasis on the girl in the red dress, MORE than the black swan. The reason I know this is, is that when Hannah, Caleb and Mona were talking at the ball, the camera included the girl in the red dress in the background when there was no need to. (SEE IMAGES ABOVE)

<strong>WHAT ELSE MAJOR HAPPENED?</strong>

- Melissa, Spencer`s sister, made it entirely clear she`s guilty of something when she intimidated the four girls.

- Jenna (my new favorite character) isn`t blind anymore. She met with an unknown person. She said something like "It`s been awhile since I`ve seen you." Does this mean the person hasn`t been in Rosewood or she literally couldn`t see them because she was blind and the person was in Rosewood the whole time?

- Spencer discovered "A`s" hiding place with Mona. Mona "discovered" the drawings of the gown "A" could be wearing at the ball. It was the Black Swan dress. Spencer informed the girls by calling them at the ball. Why would Mona give away who the person was? This person was obviously a decoy.

- When Spencer found out Mona was apart of the A-TEAM, Mona threatened to either kill her or she would have to join the A-TEAM.

- After the girls found out Mona was "A", they came to Spencer`s rescue, but Mona got hurt in the process and is now locked away in an asylum.

- Dr. Sullivan returns and reveals she was told to stay away by Mona or else her son would get hurt.

- Toby and Spencer are back together.

- There was a body discovered at Emily`s place and it could very well be Maya. :(

- A woman (or man) in red at the very end was seen meeting with Mona in the asylum.

Season 3 starts June 5th. The promo is already up, click on the 4th image to see!

- Did you know Mona was apart of it?
- Who do you think the black swan and red dress were?
- Did you love the finale?

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