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4 years ago

People are always looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight, possibly without having to change much of their diet or exercise but i do have some bad news for them, because it doesn`t really work that way.

We all know that to lose weight we need to change our diets, eat less and move more, forgetting the quick fixes. But sometimes it can be hard, especially when it comes to exercise to take the time in the day to go workout and thats when the "quick&easy" i mention in the post tittles comes in play.

We all need to exercise but sometimes time isn`t our friend and so if you are looking to squeeze in some extra calorie burn or make sure you at least moved a little more on those days you couldn`t workout, here are some tips:

<strong>- Park away </strong>- If you are going to work or to the store, don`t do what we all tend to do and park almost inside the building so we have to walk less. Instead leave the car on the other side of the parking lot and walk there, it might not be a big walking routine but at least its better than just moving 2 steps.

<strong>- Walk or bike everywhere you can </strong>- This is a bit in following of the previous tip, that is walking. If you can walk to the store, to the market, to the bar, to wherever you want to go, do it. If its a bit far but you have a bike and can manage to go on a bike, do it because it will burn some extra calories.

<strong>- Take the stairs </strong>- Unless you should have been at work 10 minutes ago, take the stairs. It will be a good leg exercise and calorie burn due to the cardio exercise. Do the same at home, use the stairs you have to increase your burn.

<strong>- Go to your co-workers </strong>- This one was on source and its actually a very cleaver one because instead of picking the phone or sending an email, go across your working space and talk to them directly.

<strong>- Do your house cleaning</strong> - Don`t look at house cleaning and chores in such a negative way because they will keep you active. So next time you are vacum the house or cleaning all your windows, think that you are burning some more calories.

So some of these might be common sense but the truth is that we forget about these little things and they can make a difference in weight loss and overall health, i know i do forget them sometimes. This doesn`t replace proper workout though, its more of a addition to it.

<strong>- Any other tips?
- Do you worry about working out every week /day or you just go when you feel like it?
- Do you already follow these or some of these?</strong>

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Source link: http://health.thefuntimesguide.com/2012/06/easy-ways-to-lose-weight.php

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