Quick tip: maximize your drawer space!

hey girls! so i recently made a pinterest and i am totally addicted. one thing i`ve been looking through on there is organizational tips, because my room is always a mess.

in this tip, i`m going to tell you how you can maximize your drawer space, by simply folding your tshirts a different way.

if you`re like me and have a bunch of baggy tshirts, then you probably have a drawer full of them that is cramped, and always messy. there is a very simple solution to this, that will only take you about 5 minutes, depending on the amount of tshirts you have.

- first, take all of your tshirts out of the drawer.

- now, fold them. but don`t fold them the way you normally would. this new folding technique is the key to saving drawer space.

1. lay your tshirt out flat on whichever side the design is on.

2. fold it in half.

3. fold in the sleeves.

4. fold it down once.

5. fold it down again.

and you`re done!

- instead of placing your shirts in the drawer vertically, stacked on top of one another, place them horionally. this saves you a TON of drawer space, and it only takes a couple minutes.

i hope you guys enjoyed this quick tip! :*


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