Quick Tip for Uneven Hairlines

Quick Tip for Uneven Hairlines

Ive never really been a huge fan of my hairline.. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I just didnt like the way my forehead looked with my hair pulled back tight. I have very blonde baby hairs around the edge, which can look like thinning hair, plus my vampire point in the center (thats what I call it anyways). I recently had an epiphany when I wanted to do a sleek, smoothed back, glamorous bun in my latest look and I thought that if I can fill in sparse areas and shape my eyebrows, then I can do the same thing with my hairline.

So I grabbed a super sharp angled eyeliner brush, some brown eyeshadow (MAC Eyeshadow in Concrete to be exact) and filled in areas and shaped my hairline to be more soft and rounded. I was amazed at the results and how much I loved it. It took no time at all- just using a few soft, short strokes to fill in the corners and smooth out the peak. It looked incredibly natural in real life so I thought that this might help anyone out there who also felt the same way about having an uneven hairline!

Do you have any tips for uneven hairlines? Tell us in the comments below!

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