Quick summer drinks(:

summer is cooming up, and here are some yummy, fast, non-alcoholic drinks to try
(: shirley temple;
- cherry juice (i use the juice from a jar of marchino cherries)
- lemon-lime soda
- cup, ice & straw;
pour 3/4 of the lemon-life soda into a glass. fill the rest of it with the cherry juice.

(: june bug;
- ginger ale
- grenadene (cherry juice)
- orange juice
- sherbert
- cup, ice & straw;
blend 1/2 orange juice,
1/2 ginger ale,
small amount of grenadene, and one spoon full of sherbert in blender. or choose not to blend it and just plop one scoop of sherbert in your cup. enjoy

(: fresh melon juicers;
- pureed fruit blended with ice and sparkling water
- a spoonful of yogurt adds creaminess
- a skewer of fresh fruit makes a pretty garnish(:
(fruits to use;
catalope & honeydew,
you chooose(:
sparkling peach punch;
- peach nectar
- fresh peach slices
- lemon juice
- ginger ale;
simple combine all ingredients into a glass with a straw, enjoy

(: berry mango slush;
- berry-flavored carbonated water
- crushed ice
- strawberries (about 6, cut and washed)
- mango slices (about 6, peeled); blend in blender, enjoyy(:

peach tea;
- clear jug- 3 lipton tea bags
- 3 whole peaches, sliced; fill jug with water, add the peaches and tea bags. let it sit out in the sun all day(: when it becomes dark, take it in and put it in the fridge to cool :)

*you can also try with straberries or mangos chai tea;
- oregon chai concentrate
- milk- ice;
half milk,
half tea, plus ice equals an AMAZING drink(: lemonade;well, we ALL know how to make this(: for fun add some strawberries, or freeze it in a popsicle mold :) telemonade;three words...
ICED TEA AND LEMONADE!(: fruit punch; yumm(: iced tea; just the regular, i like mine sweet :) pina colada; virgin of course!(:all you need is ice, pineappke juice and coconut concentrate/water/cream :) sparkling pineapple fizzler;
- lemon
-lime soda
- pineapple concentrate;
mix together and enjoy(: fun tips;
- freeze your fruit into ice cubes(:cut up fruit of your choice, plop into ice tray and let freeze, add it to your favorite summer drink! :)- use fun colored straws and glasses :)- also add cute little umbrellas and even real tropical flowers for a fancy touch :) hope you guys enjoy this tip! pm me to request more :)

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