Quick Calorie Burning Workout!

5 years ago

Most people don`t have the time to workout for hours a day, but want to lose weight/be more fit. The answer to this problem is to try workouts that are high in intensity so you can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. Plus with calorie burn, you can reach your weight/fitness goals faster than before. Just make sure that you combine exercise with a healthy diet (everything in moderation.. even sweets) and you will be there in no time

The workout that I am going to give you is a super hard one, and takes anywhere from 12-20 minutes depending on how long your breaks are. The only exercise you need to do for this is called a burpee. In the picture above, it shows you how to do a burpee.
The first step you are standing up straight.
Then you squat down.
Next you jump your feet back into a plank. (make sure to keep your tummy sucked in)
Then you jump your legs back up into a squat and stand up.
Finally you do a jump and repeat!

The workout you do looks like this-
12 burpees
REST 10-20 sec

11 burpees
REST 10-20 sec

10 burpees
Rest 10-20 sec

9 burpees
REST 10-20 sec

8 burpees
REST 10-20 sec

5 burpees
REST 10-20 sec

and then all the way down to 1 burpee. Then you are finished!!!!

If you want to make it harder, you can start with 20 burpees and work your way down from there. And if you want to make it easier, start with 8 burpees and go down to 1.
Good luck!!

6 burpees
Rest 10-20 sec

9 burpees
REST 10-20 sec

Source link: http://www.totalfitness-mag.com/body_workout.htm

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