Quick breakfast : Peanut butter and banana toast

5 years ago

Im not huge on breakfast when I wake up in the morning, Im not hungry. At all. I just take a coffee and Im good to go. The only times I eat is when Im going to the restaurant on Tuesdays with my friend, after our first class. The thing is, on Monday mornings, I have physical education class at 8 in the morning. The teacher told us it is super important to eat before coming to class, and trying to have our 4 essential groups (milk and substitutes, fruits and veggies, meat and substitutes and wheat). So I thought Id just do what I used to do when I was a kid, which is a toast with peanut butter and bananas on top! DELICIOUS! Im craving it right now, but I dont have any bananas!

So in this breakfast, I have the bread, which counts in the wheats group, the peanut butter, which counts in the meat and substitutes, and the bananas, which are fruits. I usually just take a glass of milk or yogourt! That way I have the 4 groups, Im ready for my class, and it wasnt a too filling breakfast!


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