Quick and Easy Hair Using Hot Rollers!

5 years ago

So the other day I used hot rollers in my hair for the first time for my friend`s party. I wanted to share my thoughts on them!
I borrowed these from my mom. I have no idea where she bought them or how much they were, but they are by the brand Remington. They have large, medium, and small sized rollers. I liked how there was only one heat setting, so I didn`t have to guess which temperature to keep them at. They heated up pretty fast too. I love that they were hot hot hot, because my hair is so thick and long that I need them to be that way. These were super fast and easy to put on. I used the largest rollers on the bottom layer of my hair. All I did was wrap the last few inches around them, and then roll the rest of the way up, rolling them under, and then secure with a clip. I did the same for the rest of my hair, but I used the medium sized rollers for the mid-section of my hair, and on the crown I used mostly the medium rollers, with a few smaller ones too, like by my face.
I didn`t like how at first they were kind of hot to hold, so you had to do the rolling and clipping quickly. But like I said, very quick and easy to do. You leave them in for as long as you want. If you want just loose waves, only leave them in for a few minutes. Like what my mom does, is she starts taking out the first ones she put in as soon as she`s done putting them in. If you want very defined curls, let them cool completely before you take them out (which is what I did). But my hair was a little TOO curled. Like, the curls were wrapped so tightly after the curlers were removed, that it was like they were still in them. What I did to fix this was easy; I heated up my flat iron, and got close too (but didn`t press down on) the curls, to help relax them. I LOVED how my hair looked after that. So next time I may not leave them in as long, or if I do, I`ll do the relaxing with the straightener after.
Using these basically cut my get-ready time (Usually about 1.5-2 hours) in half. It was so nice having my hair style itself while I got dressed and did my makeup. The total time I spent messing with my hair (When I put the rollers on, took them off, and relaxed them with my straightener) Took about maybe 20 minutes combined. Not bad vs. and hour curling my hair myself! I didn`t use any products on my hair when I was done, not even hair spray, and my hair was still pretty curly by the end of the night. I love these and want to keep using them in the future if I`m ever in a hurry tp get ready!
Does anyone else love hot rollers? xox

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