Quick acne fix, have you tried THIS remedy? So simple and no $$!

5 years ago

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Lately, I`ve been spending late nights up doing homework and studying, and my skin has definitely been suffering.
I`ve tried everything from Proactive to Neutrogena to Clean and Clear and dozens of other brands, but had no success with clearing up my acne.
I decided to do a little experiment this week.

I use a simple cleanser, nothing too harsh or exfoliating, no acne ingredients, just something that deep cleans without stripping my skin. I apply a simple hypoallergenic lotion afterwards, and nothing in between. No foundation (which was pretty hard because my acne was pretty bad, but I had to do without for experimentation sake)
I didn`t use any salicylic acid or Benzoyl Peroxide. No acne medications.

The main test?
Sleeping more.
I`ve been sleeping at 12a.m as opposed to 3a.m, and I`m so sure that it`s what`s been causing my breakouts. My skin has DRASTICALLY improved with the bare minimal skincare and good sleep.

If you find yourself breaking out, don`t reach for the newest acne system. Just get some more Z`s! Plan ahead to get 8 or more hours of sleep, and you might be surprised!

I never believed that this could be the problem, but I always brushed it off and pulled all nighters, looking in the mirror the next morning wondering why I was breaking out so bad, and finally I know.

Not only will it help your skin, but your overall well being too :)

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