Question about Luuux shop Delivery?

5 years ago

I am really sorry about asking all these questions, but I really want to order soon and I want to get my facts straight before then so nothing goes wrong.
I am thinking about ordering soon (before march!) from Luuux store! I am so excited because this will be my first order.. but I kinda am curious on the date that the prize will arrive at my house.
I have asked a question like this before and got an answer that it would take anywhere from a few weeks to months... I am okay with that, but there is just one week I won`t be at my house and I don`t want my prize to arrive at the time.

The week I will be gone is the 2nd week of April.
Is there anyway I could prevent the prize from arriving at that week?
I know luuux updates you on when your prize will be shipped, but if the time they are shipping seems to risky, could I ask them to hold off on delivering it or is that not an option?
I am fine if it arrives before then (hopefully) or after but just not during that week! (i don`t want my prize to be stolen)

Thank you!! And I promise this is the last time I will post a question like this here!

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