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Hey luuuxers!

Today i spent all day running errands! It was horrible! Well horribly HOT!! lol. Anyway Since i spent all day out and about (with no food in me) -_- i was like a zombie, i came home and decided i was going to make quesadillas! I had never made them before but i figured, fajitas, cheese huge flour tortilla! what could go wrong?!

To my surprise nothing went wrong lol except for that moment when i thought the thing i was cooking the fajitas on caught on fire ha! My family loved the quesadillas, i think we were all a little surprised because like i said before i had never made them before.

Heres what you need to make them:
Fajitas (seasoned/unseasoned)
Big Flour Tortillas
Cheese (i used Meunster cheese)
Sour Cream and Guacamole

Heres how to make them:
First you want to start off by cooking the fajita, (by the way i suggest you buy it already cut into little pieces, just a little less for you to do) Set the fajitas to the side once they are done cooking.

Second place the large flour tortilla in a large pan to heat up (medium heat), Place the cheese inside, once you see it starts to melt add pieces of the fajita inside, place another slice of your cheese ontop of the fajitas so that when you fold it, it stays closed.

Once you`ve closed the tortilla carefully flip it so that the other side gets heated and this also allows for the other slice of cheese to melt! After that it`s ready to serve with the sour cream and guacamole!

Give it a try you will love it!!

--Did you try something new for dinner tonight?
--Let me know if you plan on trying this!

*Photos are mine

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