Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque Review

5 years ago

I have always heard rave reviews about this mask so I had to get it. After finally tracking it down at my local Walgreens, I immediately washed my face and slathered it on. I wasn`t exactly sure how thick or thin I should make the layer so I put enough on so that you could not see the color of skin. I waited twenty minutes and as I waited I could feel it tingly a bit and as it dried it tightened my face. The washing it off part was difficult for me. At first, I tried to wash it off by splashing my face, but that didn`t work. Then, I decided to use a towel I didn`t want to use a wash cloth because I didn`t want to get it dirty, so I used a paper towel and dabbed at my face. It started coming off but it took two paper towels because the clay would be on a part of the towel and I would have either fold it or find a clean spot. If I tried to wipe my face with the clay-stained part, it would just spread it back on.

In the end, the results were good. Not great, but okay. I didn`t notice much of a change. Basically my skin felt tighter and a bit smoother but that only lasted for a day. The thing is I don`t have any acne at the time so I can`t say how well it helps. I might do another review after I get a pimple or something to see how well it dries it out.

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