Quadcopter Babysitter

For many parents take their children to the bus stop and bus may be part of the daily ritual that is part of being ... parents. However, for other looks like a better task is delegated to a robotic assistant.

One of these parents thought it would be more comfortable being able to follow your child remotely from home, using a quadcopter with a surveillance camera that automatically follow. With a little research and the help of an Arduino as a brain operations ... managed to do it.

Do not think however that we will soon have quadcopters following each and every student from the time they leave home until they return - since the independence of this small "drone" robotic barely enough to do the 400m to the stop and return to house. But ... I shudder to think of here for a few more years, if start having these "baby-sitters" virtual below our children - and who says children ... who tells us that they could not be used to follow anyone else?

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