Push ups for Newbies

4 years ago

Push ups are very common calisthenics exercise which have often appealed to many people for the simple fact because its in every fighting or motivation movie. The push up is an extremely good exercise for the chest, this movement actually works the triceps, deltoid and whole mid section. If done with proper form and done consistently you can gain mass or atleast tone your chest. I use to be fat when i was 12 - 15, I was introduced to the gym by my friend, he was like benching 30 Kg and doing 5 pull ups, i thought he was brilliant. However, i was overweight and could not do as much as him, So i decided i wanted to lose weight so i was able to do push ups, let me tell you how i accomplished this goal with ease.

1. Controlled my diet
2. Dedication
3. I had a goal

If your`e a little bit on the pudgy side, i strongly recommend that you do as many regular pushups that you can do (even if its one) then drop straight to your knees and do as many push ups you can do. stop/rest 30 seconds and repeat a further 3 times. Keep doing this every other day. Within a month too 2 months I bet you will have reached your goal to do push ups. Now im not saying you will be able to do 100 push ups within a certain time limit but I certainly expect you will have the tools to get to that goal. I am very glad I found Scooby on the internet his knowledge helped me achieve my goals and I used his knowledge to help others, with it I have trained some of my friends who were aiming to enter the Royal Marines Commando`s fitness test, In order for them to pass they had to do a set amount of push ups within a certain time. I am pleased to announce everyone who Ive helped train has got through training. Thanks for reading guys :). P.s - there is a lot of good information on the internet about the push up i am sure you have time to check youtube about the proper form.

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